Thursday, 7 October 2010

video plan

Wretch 32 and Haydon actors will perform in front of the green screen doing the performance scene, this is going to be done by us because we have seen performance scenes in a lot of Grime music videos. So for us not to include a performance scene would have meant that our music video does not look properly like a grime music video which is essential in attracting your target audience.
The next part to our video would be wretch 32 properly introducing himself and talking about him and his girl, In this part of the video we want to include some narrative scenes. These narrative scenes would be of wretch 32 and his girl going through minor difficulties, we may even include a love triangle as we feel there are parts in the song where he says there maybe a another invlved in the situation.
The third part to our music video is a performance of Haydon, performing his part of the song. The character Haydon is not going to be included in the narrative scenes because we feel as though this will blur the storyline between wretch 32 and his girrlfriend, we dont want to confuse audiences so we opted out this idea. In the performance scenes we will try to shoot Haydon from a range of angles and use some close ups to engage the audience and withhold their interest. There may also be performance parts where both Haydon and wretch 32 will be together, so that there is some variety to our music video.
The next part of the music will focus back on wretch 32 and his girlfriend we will show them together having a good time in a range of places which we are thinking maybe their neighbourhood, central london, out to dinner, at a funfair and other places where they can enjoy themselves. we will want to show how they have progressed by changung location to more sophisticated places as the scenes move on.
In between the different scenes where wretch32 and his girlfriend are going out we will show Haydon performing the chorus, we will try to make this subtle as we do not want the audience to be put of from the jumps in scenarios. there where also be a combination of performance and narrative towards the end closing the video. Our group wants to also include stop motion or some other technique within our video which we may possibly do in the end if we are able to because we have not thought of how we will do this so far.

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