Saturday, 12 February 2011

production log

Our group has only 30 seconds of editing left till we finish our music video. This 30 seconds of the music video is the hardest as it requires very good editing skills which is why we left to the end. It will be a tough task to finish this part of the music video and then combine the two halves of the the music video before the 1st draft deadline for our music video. We also must finish the ancillary tasks which we have delegated between us. The back CD cover, front CD cover and A4 poster are almost done it is the inlay cards that we need to do more work on.

back CD cover ideas

Friday, 4 February 2011

production log

Since, last updating the production log our group has moved on significantly. During this week we have completed most of the editing for the music video. We only now have to do the flashback scene in which we recap all the events of the couple and another verse and chorus of the song. We are confident that we can manage to complete the music video before the 1st draft deadline. In addition we have also began to work heavily on the ancillary tasks. We have finished the back cd cover and almost finished the front CD cover. We only require to do work on the inlay cards and A4 poster which we are hoping to get partly done by the weekend so that we can concentrate on the editing more. Also interdependently our group has done the first question of the evaluation.