Monday, 4 October 2010

possible main performers

the reason why we want to choose kyle for our music video is because of the image he has, which we feel can fit into our music video. He has also had past experiences of making music videos and is a firm admirer of grime music video, so he can give us some input and ideas when shooting. his past experiences may also help him pose and perform right so that we capture good footage.
The reason why we want tara as an actor is because she studies drama and is very keen in gaining as much experience as possible in acting. we want her to be wretch 32's girlfriend in the narrative scenes in the music video. Our group feels as though tara's previous experience in drama plays and musicals will help her do well for us. Another reason as to why we may possibly chose kyle and Tara is there availability to us they live near us so travel should not be a issue.

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