Sunday, 3 October 2010

Evaluation of vox pop

The answers we recieved from our target audience when recording the vox pop gave us some ideas as to what to include in our music video. One good answer recieved from the audience as to how we can make our music video more original is that we should not make our performers very stereotypical, we feel as though the song gives us enough freedom to make our performers less stereotypical in the narrative within the music video. Grime artists are represented as tough, womanising and flash people so in our video we may take the advice we have recieved and subvert some of these representations of grime artists. Another idea we had become inspired by in our vox pop interview was that we should include a love triangle, as this is a theme very commonly seen in Grime/RnB music videos.
A way that we are going to keep our music video original is by representing the main artist as caring and mature in some scenes as this will subvert the stereotypical representation of Grime artists. one of the biggest challenges our group will face is attempting to prevent our music video from being to generic. We want to include some conventional scenes in our music video such as choreographed dancing, representation of artist as tough and down to earth in some scenes. This is because we still want to appeal to a target audience who are appreciative of grime music videos. By making our music very unconventional we feel as though our target audience would not be able to identify our music video as belonging to the grime genre.

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