Saturday, 22 January 2011

production log

Since last updating the production log, our group has progreesed much further to meeting our deadline. We have managed to edit qiute a bit of our music video and have devolped our editing skills on Adobe premiere. We have encountered a minor problem as we have lost a bit of our footage we need to reshoot, we are planning to get this done for next week. In addition, individually i have done the 1st graft of Qs 1 of the evaluation. The only area of our coursework we feel needs improving on is the ancillary tasks which we must do again due to the fact we changed artists, this is a small problem which we will begin to work on heavily next week.

Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Production log

Since last updating the production log, our group has begun to start the editing of our music video. We are first planning to cut down our footage which we have started as the footage currently is too much to manage. We have decided as a group how we should edit the footage we are aware that we will not agree on everything and will take majority vote on these issues. We have not been able to do much over the holiday as we did not have access to the adobe premiere software.