Thursday, 28 October 2010


Mase, your blog is completely up to date as per the checklist - very well done! This blog is nicely organised and the use of slide shows is an effective way of presenting some of the key aspects of your research and planning.

Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Revolution of Pop music

The revolution of pop properly began after the thriller music video made by Michael Jackson. His was the first video to present music in almost like a film style. This led the way for how music videos, would then be constructed. Other artists like Madonna and Prince also continued to follow this trend leading to a new way of presenting music videos. These big name artists have even influenced modern time music artists like lady gaga, Britney spears and Justin Timberlake. Making music videos in to small films has been successful because it has given audiences another form of entertainment as opposed to just listen to the song. Another reason as to why pop music videos have continued to be successful is that they give audiences a deeper meaning of the lyrics and understand the song better.

Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Production log

So far, we have complted and uploaded our storyboard, shooting schedule, photos of performers we are considering to use in our muic video. Our group has even complted a presenatation on vidula codes that we want to construct in our music video. In addition, we have completed a 1 st draft of our cd front cover, which we have decided to call wretchorespective. We feel as though this isa good title for wrewtch 32's debut album. Our group now still has to complete the editing of our vox pop which will be helpful as it will allow us to devolp our editing skills. Our group must also take pictures of our main performer for the ancillary texts and begin some filming in the following weeks.

Tuesday, 12 October 2010

questions actually used for vox pops

What do you expect to see in a music video of this genre?
Which music TV channels would you expect to see this music video on?
Why do you watch a music video?
what themes or narratives do you expect to see in a music video of this genre?
How do you think a male performer in this music video should be represented?
How do you think we can make an RnB/ Grime music video original?

Monday, 11 October 2010

images of other performers we may use

This a actor we may use for our music video, if we can arrange suitable times to do dome shooting. we feel as though she has a look that is suitable for our music video, we need a actor to be wretch 32's girlfriend in the music video.

Friday, 8 October 2010

other pieces of equipment we may use

generic codes

Generic conventions
- Items of Mise en scene such as rings, bangles and necklaces/ expensive jewellery are all generic for an R&B/Hip-Hop video
- Clothing will range from stereotypical attire for the main grime artist, his spouse and other minute characters in the video in order to fit into the conventions of the genre appropriately and aim at our main target audience well. However the costumes will also have a sense of casualness to them, that can illustrate a less intimidating and more sophisticated/ laid back feeling to the performers and the video on a whole, which will be useful to subverting the conventions because of the romantic tone that the video will possess.
- Dark colours are often used to portray negative feelings of the artist (through the grime genre and somewhat stereotypical portrayal of artist from a Marxist perspective)
- Bright and vibrant colours however will also be used to show the artists positive feelings, which will connote well towards the song as it is meant to be positive and uplifting, and therefore also subversive to the genre.
- R&B video's tend to be performance and narrative based
Generic codes of R&B/ Hip-Hop
Technical codes
- Many two shots can be used to show the two people (Boy and Girl) together (highlights romanticism that couple share).
- Tracking shots and performance shots of the artist towards their "lover" in the video is also generic and will convey their relationship to higher gravity, virtue and significance.
Symbolic codes
- Interactions with the other model who is playing the part of the lover such as; touching, holding, deep stares into their eyes and a common generic symbolic code is when a male/female holds their partners chin and gazes into their eyes as an example

Thursday, 7 October 2010

video plan

Wretch 32 and Haydon actors will perform in front of the green screen doing the performance scene, this is going to be done by us because we have seen performance scenes in a lot of Grime music videos. So for us not to include a performance scene would have meant that our music video does not look properly like a grime music video which is essential in attracting your target audience.
The next part to our video would be wretch 32 properly introducing himself and talking about him and his girl, In this part of the video we want to include some narrative scenes. These narrative scenes would be of wretch 32 and his girl going through minor difficulties, we may even include a love triangle as we feel there are parts in the song where he says there maybe a another invlved in the situation.
The third part to our music video is a performance of Haydon, performing his part of the song. The character Haydon is not going to be included in the narrative scenes because we feel as though this will blur the storyline between wretch 32 and his girrlfriend, we dont want to confuse audiences so we opted out this idea. In the performance scenes we will try to shoot Haydon from a range of angles and use some close ups to engage the audience and withhold their interest. There may also be performance parts where both Haydon and wretch 32 will be together, so that there is some variety to our music video.
The next part of the music will focus back on wretch 32 and his girlfriend we will show them together having a good time in a range of places which we are thinking maybe their neighbourhood, central london, out to dinner, at a funfair and other places where they can enjoy themselves. we will want to show how they have progressed by changung location to more sophisticated places as the scenes move on.
In between the different scenes where wretch32 and his girlfriend are going out we will show Haydon performing the chorus, we will try to make this subtle as we do not want the audience to be put of from the jumps in scenarios. there where also be a combination of performance and narrative towards the end closing the video. Our group wants to also include stop motion or some other technique within our video which we may possibly do in the end if we are able to because we have not thought of how we will do this so far.

Wednesday, 6 October 2010

shooting schedule

Shooting schedule

First week shooting:

Date: Monday 11th October – Sunday 17th October

We will hope to get the performance shots done within these dates.

Date: Monday 18th October – Sunday 24th October 2010

Within these dates we hope to get some footage for the narrative scenes.

Date: Monday 25th October – Friday 29th October

Within these dates we are attempting to get more footage from the narrative scenes but at another location.

Date: Monday 1st November- Sunday 7th November 2010

Within these dates we are hoping to get more footage for the narrative scenes within the video.

Date: Monday 8th November – 22nd November 2010-10-03

Within these date we hope to go over and reshoot any parts of the music video we feel need to be improved.

Date: Monday 23rd November – 30th November we hope to get the final pieces of footage done within these dates.

Date: 1st December -19th December- get all filming and refilming of both performance and narrative scenes done, so we can move on to editing after holidays.


initial ideas

Monday, 4 October 2010

possible main performers

the reason why we want to choose kyle for our music video is because of the image he has, which we feel can fit into our music video. He has also had past experiences of making music videos and is a firm admirer of grime music video, so he can give us some input and ideas when shooting. his past experiences may also help him pose and perform right so that we capture good footage.
The reason why we want tara as an actor is because she studies drama and is very keen in gaining as much experience as possible in acting. we want her to be wretch 32's girlfriend in the narrative scenes in the music video. Our group feels as though tara's previous experience in drama plays and musicals will help her do well for us. Another reason as to why we may possibly chose kyle and Tara is there availability to us they live near us so travel should not be a issue.

Skills we will need to develop to do well in cousework

The skills we will need to develop are:
  • time management
  • meeting deadlines
  • editing skills
  • camera work and shots
  • communication and teamwork
  • hard work
  • encouragement
  • delegate work according to skills
  • photo-shop skills for cd front cover, back cover, 2 inlay cards and magazine ad.


vox pop in construction photos

Sunday, 3 October 2010

Evaluation of vox pop

The answers we recieved from our target audience when recording the vox pop gave us some ideas as to what to include in our music video. One good answer recieved from the audience as to how we can make our music video more original is that we should not make our performers very stereotypical, we feel as though the song gives us enough freedom to make our performers less stereotypical in the narrative within the music video. Grime artists are represented as tough, womanising and flash people so in our video we may take the advice we have recieved and subvert some of these representations of grime artists. Another idea we had become inspired by in our vox pop interview was that we should include a love triangle, as this is a theme very commonly seen in Grime/RnB music videos.
A way that we are going to keep our music video original is by representing the main artist as caring and mature in some scenes as this will subvert the stereotypical representation of Grime artists. one of the biggest challenges our group will face is attempting to prevent our music video from being to generic. We want to include some conventional scenes in our music video such as choreographed dancing, representation of artist as tough and down to earth in some scenes. This is because we still want to appeal to a target audience who are appreciative of grime music videos. By making our music very unconventional we feel as though our target audience would not be able to identify our music video as belonging to the grime genre.

Friday, 1 October 2010

production log

In this week I have completed most of the tasks on research and planning, I only need to complete a presentation on visual codes, shooting schedule and the editing of vox pop. The things I have done this week along qith my group are copying of lyrics, lyrics anlysis, themes that should be constructed in video, props and equipment list, recruiting of actors and research. The work we have done has given us ideas as to what to include in our music video and helped us a lot. Our group feels as though we will complete all our research and planning tasks before the deadline.

our song: Me and you (wretch 32 ft haydon)