Wednesday, 6 October 2010

shooting schedule

Shooting schedule

First week shooting:

Date: Monday 11th October – Sunday 17th October

We will hope to get the performance shots done within these dates.

Date: Monday 18th October – Sunday 24th October 2010

Within these dates we hope to get some footage for the narrative scenes.

Date: Monday 25th October – Friday 29th October

Within these dates we are attempting to get more footage from the narrative scenes but at another location.

Date: Monday 1st November- Sunday 7th November 2010

Within these dates we are hoping to get more footage for the narrative scenes within the video.

Date: Monday 8th November – 22nd November 2010-10-03

Within these date we hope to go over and reshoot any parts of the music video we feel need to be improved.

Date: Monday 23rd November – 30th November we hope to get the final pieces of footage done within these dates.

Date: 1st December -19th December- get all filming and refilming of both performance and narrative scenes done, so we can move on to editing after holidays.

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