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aboutartist wretch 32

Wretch 32
Wretch 32 (real name Jermaine Scott) is a grime MC and rapper from Tottenham, North London. He was a member of the grime collective "Combination Chain Gang", before forming The Movement with Scorcher, Ghetto, Devlin and Lightning. Despite his claims to be a grime MC, Wretch has faced frequent criticism from dedicated grime fans, who accuse him of making "bait" hip-hop which he attempts to pass off as grime music. This is due to his tendency to spit over hip-hop sounding beats. He is also often associated with the TMT crew, also from Tottenham, due to his close relationship to fellow Tottenham rapper Cell 22. The pair have made several songs together.
After years of endeavour, Wretch 32 is now recognized as one of the leading urban artists that the UK has to offer. In 2009, he performed in every city in the country and to date his music catalogue has independently sold over 15,000 units. Already this year, Wretch 32 has been honoured with the Best Hip Hop award at OMA (Official Mixtape Awards) and he now plans to expand his profile and clothing line Wretchroboys.

Wretch 32 is heavily supported by radio stations such as BBC 1Xtra, Kiss FM and Choice FM. He has even won an award from BBC 1Xtra to acknowledge his high volume of radio play. His renowned word play has made him a firm favourite amongst DJs and captured the heart of audiences not only in the UK but across Europe. In fact, despite never being signed Wretch 32 has performed in venues which include The Indigo O2, The BBC Big Weekender and the Hip Hop Kemp Festival in Czech Republic.

Wretch 32 already has a popular twitter with over 10,000 followers, a blog and now launches his new website with a free mixtape. He is currently working on his new album Black and White which is due for release later this year.


Me and you, me and you (Haydon)
N I ain’t ever said that I was (Wretch 32)
leaving you (H)
Coz u aint never given me a (W)
reason to
its just me and you, me and you, me and you (H)
N i aint neva sed I was (W)
leaving you (H)
Coz u aint given you me a (W)
reason to
its jus me and you (H)

Im saying im sky fly, dark skin galaxy (W)
and with my smile, she cant stay mad at me
im a wild child my last name's casualty, so i like seeing nurses in outfits
she can wear the skirt, i'll work with the trousers, woah look i aint perfect, im clownin
my egos a problem we're working around it,
but he a throws an option to further the outings,
me and you, me and you (H)
We're out of this world but the earths got us grounded, i can give your index a circle around it,
ring.., its worth every pound is,
bling.., but thats only when the times right, the diamonds will shine like your smile when your outside,
grim.., I know that your down like 3-2, im down like me... too,
sing (W),

You got me feeling right. You girl i cant deny. You words i cant describe, because i jus cant get enough of..
You got me feeling right. You girl i cant deny. You words i cant describe, because i jus cant get enough of your love (H)

Look and we aint never falling out, coz she knows what the rules allow, and if her phones engaged, i just text her call me now, exclamation my juice aint water down,
i tell her blatant, n when we fool around, i always see the back of her n she aint walkin out,
i only got her tab now cos i bought her gown, but honey money aint a thing coz its all about (W),
me and you, me and you (H)
N I ain’t ever said that I was (W)
leaving you (H)
Coz u aint never given me a reason to
so lets jus keep it like that, n we can stay close coz i feel it like that,
i make notes, believe i like cash, and you can stay home n be in like rags,
n we wont break the oaths coz jesus likes that (W),

You got me feeling right. You girl i cant deny. You words i cant describe, because i jus cant get enough of..
You got me feeling right. You girl i cant deny. You words i cant describe, because i jus cant get enough of your love (H)

Look i aint sayin its really love, im jus sayin that she cheers me up,
on a bad day girls come n go n i am tired of the campaign, my chrystals got me tired of the champagne, but you don’t get closer then us,
we share the same bed n I thought the sofas enough, n on her bracelet it says there always in love, n it hurts me to say this aint only a crush (W),

You got me feeling right. You girl i cant deny. You words i cant describe, because i jus cant get enough of..
You got me feeling right. You girl i cant deny. You words i cant describe, because i juscant get enough of your love (H)

Girl you're all that i've got, n you're all im thinkin of, you are everything I want, everything that i need, we aint gotta sing much all i need is your touch, n i'm falling in love, (ohhh) with you baby (H)

I said im feeling you baby, I said im feeling you baby,
I said im feeling you baby, I said im feeling you baby, I said im feeling you baby, I said im feeling you baby, I said im feeling you baby, I said im feeling you baby (H)

music tv channels

Research into a Music TV channel which may distribute my product
MTV Base
Is owned by MTV Network Company and launched in 1999 in the UK. Mostly shows music videos from the genres Hip Hop, RnB, Grime, reggae and Soul. MTV Base is available in the United Kingdom, France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Switzerland, the Republic of Ireland, Kenya and South Africa. The channel was previously available in the Netherlands, Germany and other European countries but was replaced by MTV Dance in some territories from March 2009.

This is a music channel owned by Box television channel, launched in 1998. The music channel predominantly plays music from RnB, Dance and Hip Hop. The television channel was created by Guy Wingate who was the original creator of the kiss 100 radio station.
Daily Programming
• Deaf Jams - Music videos with sign language.
• Fresh Kiss Cuts - The newest urban music of the moment.
• Friday Night Garage - Non-stop new and old garage tunes.
• Good Morning Kiss! - New and old urban music videos to start the day.
• Kissalicious - The very best classic and modern urban tracks.
• Kiss Party Flavas - Non-stop urban party music.
• Kisstory: Rewind Thru The Years - Non-stop classic urban music videos.
• Kiss Urban Hitlist - The biggest urban music videos.
• Late Night Jamz - Urban music videos.
• Masterclass - One artist’s entire music history with facts and album statistics.

A music channel, which has recently changed its name in the Uk from TMF to Viva. It also shows entertainment programmes. It is famous for showing uk top 40 every week. In the Uk the channel was launched in 2009. They show music videos of all genres especially pop, rnb and Hip Hop videos. The channel is available on freeview channels in the UK and originally the channel came from germany where it was launched in 1993.

A music channel which is limited to the uk and some Ireland digital TV providers. It is owned by Box Television Company, who also own channel 4 in the Uk. The channel is free to own as it is shown on freeview television. The music shown on the channel is predominantly Hip Hop, pop, Dance, RnB and rock. They are a relatively new channel having only been launched in 2008. There slogan is “music and more”, and there sister channels are 4 channel, E4, more 4 and film 4.

lyrics analysis

Lyrics analysis
This song is sung by Haydon and wretch 32, wretch 32 is a predominantly grime artist whereas Haydon is an RnB artist. The main performer of the song is wretch 32, he is discussing his relationship in this song. Wretch 32 has made many songs about his love life; this is one of his more famous ones. He is an unsigned artist who is relatively well known in the Grime scene.
The opening verse of the lyrics of the song, reaffirm that this is a love song, as the Haydon singer says “Me and you”. This shows that this singer is talking about a relationship with a girl, as very few if any grime songs are based on homosexual relationships. We then here wretch 32 explain that he will not leave his girl, this represents him as caring which I think our group will have to take into consideration when thinking of how we will represent the main male performer. Wretch 32 then describes the reasons as to why his girlfriend likes him, e.g. he says,”with my smile she can’t stay mad at me”. This represents the artist as confident and comfortable with himself, this is a stereotypical representation of grime and hip hop artists. This alpha male representation is something our group will try to mediate in our music video. The fact that wretch then says “my egos a problem, were working around”, shows that he is aware of his over confidence and need to please, which is unconventional representation of a grime artist, giving our group a option to make the main performer less conventional. The mentioning of another male suggests that there may be a love triangle involved, which is a theme that we may also be able to incorporate into our music video.
In the next verse wretch wretch 32 shows that he is committed to his relationship, as he mentions the idea of marriage in the lyric, “i can put a ring around your finger”, this is also an unconventional representation of a grime/ hip hop artist as they are normally represented as disrespectful towards women. The chorus then plays where we hear the singer Haydon, expressing his care for his partner. He says, “you, words can’t describe”, this a quite stereotypical representation of an rnB singer as these type of lyrics are commonly seen in RnB music videos.
In the next verse we hear the artist wretch 32 acting like a alpha male once again, as he shows his supposed authority over his girlfriend. He says, “She knows what the rules allow”, here wretch 32 is claiming that there are certain rules which his girlfriend must abide by, making him look like the more superior in the relationship. The representations of wretch 32 we see in this verse reflect the stereotypical representation of grime artist in music videos. We are also given this impression of wretch 32 in the following lyrics where he says “money ain’t a Thing”, here he shows off that he is reasonably wealthy. This is commonly done by grime and Hip Hop artist, two very similar genres, as this is a genre in which artists are very money motivated and like to show their wealth and success.
In the next verse we here wretch 32 assert his affection for his girl, he says, “she makes me smile on a rainy day”. This lyric once again represents wretch 32 as a caring and affectionate person, especially towards his girlfriend. Here wretch 32 is not being represented as a stereotypical grime artist as grime artist tend to be portrayed as “tough guys” , who are not very emotional. We also her from wretch 32 in this verse that he in the past was with a lot of girls but has matured and changed his ways, he says, “ girls come and go, I’m tired of the campaign”. This lyric shows that wretch 32 is trying to settle down and commit to one girl.
In the next verse we hear Haydon proclaim his affection for his own girlfriend, just as wretch 32 had done previously. This is a conventional representation of RnB artists and something the audiences would expect. He says, “all I need is your touch”, which shows that Haydon is very passionate. The song ends with wretch repeating “all i need is you baby”, this ending is similar to the opening of the song in that it makes it clear that the songs main theme is love.
Overall, we can say that this song is represents the main artist both conventionally and unconventionally considering the genre of the song. There are some verse where the artist, wretch 32 is represented as caring and affectionate, which is not a stereotypical representation of grime artists. However, there are also verses where wretch 32 is represented as a macho alpha male and the more superior in the relationship. The two different sides to wretch 32 identified in the lyrics shows that in our music video we can have some creative freedom considering the fact that it is a grime song. Our group will also consider making the artist less stereotypical considering the lyrics are allowing us to, also this will help us to make our music video more original.

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Narrative theories

Tzvetan todorov- equilibruim

All stories start in a state of equilibruim, which is then disrupted, setting in a motion of chain events. The resolution of the story is the creation of a new/different equilibruim.

Equilibruim>Disruption>Resolution/ Re-equilibruim

This narrative structure can be found in most Hollywood films.

Vladimir Prop

  • Propp was essentially interested in the narrative of folk tales. He identified a theory about folk tales being similar in many areas.

  • They were about the same basic struggles and they appeared to have "stock characters".

  • He identified a theory about characters and actions as narrative functions; they provide structure for the texts.

  • The Hero- a character that seeks something

  • The Villian- who opposes or actively blocks the hero's quest

  • The Donor- Who provides an object with majical properties

  • The Dispatcher- who sends the hero on his/her quest via a message

  • The false hero- who disrupts the hero's success by making false claim

  • The Helper- who aids the hero.

  • The Princess- acts as the reward for the hero and the object of the villains plot

  • Her father- who acts to reward the hero for his effort

These characters appear in many mainstream Hollywood films.

Claude Levi -strauss: Binary Oppositions

Meanings, include narrative, depend on binary oppositions - he explores these in terms of underlying typical themes rather than events. Conflict helps to drive the narrative.

Man vs Woman, Young vs Old, hero vs villian, West vs East, Good vs Bad.

questions for Vox pox

1) What do you think will and wont work with this song?

2) What do you expect to see in a music video of this genre?

3) Which music TV channels would you expect to see this music video on?

4) Why do you watch music videos?

5) What themes or narrative's do you expect too see in a music video?

6) How do you think a male performer in this music video should presented?

7) Do you like to see some effects in a music video and what kind?

production skills

Camera techniques

  • Framing:- where people, props etc. are placed within the frame (the composition)

  • Angles:- high angle / birds eye view (filmed from above)

  • Aerial shot (filmed from a helicopter)

  • Low angle/ worms eye view (filmed from blow)

  • Movement- pan/ panning (camera moves on pivot lef, right)

  • Tilt - camera moves up or down on its pivot (pan up/ down)

  • Track / tracking shot -(camera attached to moving object to follow the action)

  • Zoom - camera moves in on an object / moves out from the object

  • Short take- shot lasts for a short time

  • long take -camera lingers on the frame

Editing: cutting and splicing the footag to create the finished text.

Editing techniques

  • Quick cuts:- shot moves rapidly from one frame / shot to the next

  • fade:- one shot fades away to black and the next shot fades in

  • Dissolve:- one shot fades out as the next shot simultanously fades in

  • Wipe:- a shot is literally wipped off the screen by another

  • Slow motion:- a sequence is slowed down

  • Fast motion:- a sequence is sped up

  • Stop motion:- a series of still shots or drawings etc. are taken with a still camera and mixed into a moving image programme to create a digital animation sequence

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Mase, your textual analysis pieces are detailed and intelligent - well done. You have also included research into the key theoretical perspectives. You now need to provide evidence of planning work e.g. initial ideas and evidence of storyboarding.

Friday, 24 September 2010

production log

So far i have completed the textual analysis, quantative research, further research and found a song. I am now along with my group hoping to find a actor for our music video who is over 21 and looks mature enough for our RNB, soul music video. We are also looking to complete our storyboard and analysis of song lyrics together. Our group has also delagated tasks to one another to help complete all our research and planning.

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Post modernism analysis

Post-Modernism textual analysis
Lady gaga- “paparazzi”
The music video “paparazzi” is performed by Lady Gaga and directed by Jonas Akerlund. The music video is relatively new having officially been released in July 2009. The music video is both narrative and performance based; the narrative is based around the Lady Gaga’s rise to fame and relationship with her boyfriend. The video has many post-modernist features such as Homage/pastiche, intertextuality, binary divisions and references to popular culture.

The music video begins with close ups of flowers and then a cut to a LA mansion. The LA mansion may remind some audiences of those in the TV series Sunset Boulevard (1950); this is an example of intertexual reference. This may give some viewers pleasure if they are able to understand this intertextual reference; it also represents lady Gaga as a creative artist. The close up of flowers in the opening scenes connote innocence and purity, this may be the way that Lady Gaga is trying to portray herself at the start of the music video. There is also an opening title sequence in this music video at the start; this is an unconventional feature of a Pop/Dance music video. The opening title sequence is a feature of classic Hollywood music videos which maybe a hint to audiences that this music video contains a narrative, this is also an example of pastiche. Next we see a mid shot of a flower with lady Gaga written next to it, this further reinforces that Lady Gaga may be trying represent herself as pure and innocent.

Next there is a cut to the main bedroom of the Hollywood mansion, where we see Lady gaga and her boyfriend making love. There is still no music being played which is unconventional of Pop/ Dance music videos but expected in Post Modernist music videos as these videos are more reliant on style and not the content of the music video. Lady Gaga and her boyfriend move to the balcony where her boyfriend pushes her off. This shows that the narrative of the music video is going to revolve around Lady Gaga and her boyfriend’s relationship.

We then cut to the next example of homage, this time of Alfred Hitchcock’s film “vertigo”. Homage is commonly used in this music video for the audience’s pleasure as those who can understand them will appreciate the music video more. Next there is a cut to the first scene where music is being played in, this scenes shows a lady Gaga pull up in a limo in front of her house. Here we finally see a conventional feature of Pop/Dance music videos, which is back up dancers. This scene leads on to the first piece of binary division in the music video, which is lady Gaga’s robot costume making her look half human and half machine. It could also be argued that intertexuality is being used in this scene as Lady gaga looks similar in this scene to the fembot character in, “Metropolis”. Some auduience may gain pleasure from this scene especially if they are fans of this well known film.

The next scene is of lady gaga and female back up dancers, in this scene lady Gaga is showing off her dancing talents. Her costume in this scene is very unusual which may interest those who are into fashion, as Lady Gaga to some may be seen as a fashion icon. Here costume in the next scene is very interesting as she is wearing minie mouse costume and glasses. Here Lady Gaga is making reference to popular culture and maybe declaring her intentions of becoming an icon like Minie mouse. Referencing to popular culture is a stereotypical feature of postmodernist music videos.

Next we see another Post modernist feature of this music video which is blurring of fiction and reality. This occurs in the next scene where the audience are lead to believe that Lady Gaga is getting arrested for the murderer of her boyfriend, which is fiction. The reality which is shown in the next scene is the media attention and press (newspaper headlines shown in video) she gets as a celebrity. The music video ends in a stereotypical Hollywood film style, with the words “the end”.

Overall, we can say that this is music video makes use of many post modernist features which provide audiences who can understand them pleasure. The blurring of fiction and reality may also provide some viewers a form of escapism from everyday life, as they are drawn into someone elses life forgetting about theirs for a while. However, those who are unable to understand the use of homage and intertextuality in this video due to age are left to enjoy the music, dancing and fashion costumes. For this reason I believe this video does very well in attracting large audiences from a range of ages and interests.

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Questionnaire results

Goldie: inner city life

The music video for “Inner city life” shows a representation of life in an urban society. The music video illustrates the different problems and situations people in the urban society are in. The music video begins with an establishing shot of an urban estate full of tall apartment buildings. The buildings are shot from a high angle shot suggesting that the people living in them are vulnerable and seen as inferior to society, this would especially be a Marxists opinion as they believe that this is how people from less well of backgrounds are represented by the media. The dark lighting of the shot suggests that life is hard and dull for the people living in this urban estate.
We then cut to a mid-shot of a female singing the lyrics of the song; this shows the audience that this music video is also performance as well as narrative based. We then cut to a family which is possibly living in the urban estate’s kitchen. We see a woman who is possibly a single mother very stressed doing the dishes, with her kids in the background. There is then a cut to the gas meter and then back to her. This is may show that this lady is having problems paying her bills, which makes sense of her stressed out body language. The kids in the background along with the sombre music invite the audience to sympathise with this lady. The high angle shot she is shot from may symbolise that she is inferior in society because of her working class background.
Next, there is a cut to a youth wearing a hoody, which some may believe is a stereotypical representation of youths, as they are being represented negatively. Marxists would say that this representation of the youths is what the masses also believe in, as this is how youths are represented to mainstream audiences. We then see the youths playing basketball and not being a nuisance which subverts the stereotypical representation of youths. There are then cuts in between scenes to the female singer performing which remind us that this is also a performance based music video. There is then a cut to another youth who looks vulnerable which subverts the stereotypical representation of youths. This shows that this music video is trying to give a positive representation of people from urban estates, for this reason Marxists would say that this music video is good.
The next shot shows a BMW convertible in the urban estate. This car stands out as it does not fit in with urban estate, the dominant belief would be that this car belongs to a drug dealer but as this video is subversive some may be lead to believe that the driver is just passing by the estate rather than living there. There is then a semi-circle pan of the camera to show the car; in this pan we see the driver and passenger disappear this may suggest that drug dealers do not last long in this estate.
We then cut to a clubbing scene which is stereotypically represented as a place where people would be taking drugs and drinking especially in an urban area. But in this music video we see that it is just a place where the people in the urban area are just coming to enjoy music. There is an item which we cannot see at first, being passed around the club. At first the audience is lead to believe that this may be drugs but as the music video goes on we understand that this is a cd, which further reinforces the idea that the people in this club are there to enjoy the music. It also once again represents the people in the urban estate positively. We then see a series of shots showing people we have previously seen such as the mother struggling to pay her bills. One of the shots are interesting as it shows a kid riding his bike from a long shot which is shot behind bars, giving the effect that the kid feels imprisoned.
The editing technique shot reverse shot is used to show a woman in her bed and the vinyl player spinning a vinyl cd. The connotations of the vinyl CD spinning around could be that this woman’s life is repetitive and dull. We also see a shot showing two old men smiling showing that all is not bad in this urban estate and that the older generation have good memories of this area. Following this shot we see a rundown car being burnt possibly to remove evidence as it may have been stolen by someone on the urban estate. This shot acknowledges that there are some problems in the urban estate but not to the extent the masses are lead to believe.
A bird’s eye view shot is used to show a female on her bed who we have seen before from earlier shots. We see a female unable to sleep properly possibly because of pressure as this is a word we here repeated in the lyrics. We see a young child appear and then disappear and then we see a male appear and then disappear. The young child may be the woman’s child who she is struggling to look after, hence the reason she is struggling to sleep. But the significance of the male cannot be easily interpreted; most would probably believe that it is the father of the child who is no longer there to support the child and women. This shows the difficult situations that some people in the urban estates have to live in.
Overall, the “Inner city life” music video gives a positive representation of people from urban estates. It can also be said that this video is subversive and goes against stereotypical representation of people from urban estates. Marxists would say that this is a good video as it represents people differently to how they are represented to mainstream audiences. The video represents youths and people at the clubs positively, even though this may not be stereotypical representations of these social groups.

Marxist approach - Music videos

Marxism and the Media

Karl Marx, the founder of Marxist theory believed that the media and its messages could be used for good in the right hands. However, in the hands of what he called the dominant ideology the message could have a dangerously influential and controlling effect on the masses.

The Dominant Ideology

The ideologiacl forces that determine how society functions. Marxists believe that all powerful institutions subtly control how we, the masses, conduct our lives within society.

The Media's Message

Marxists believe that the media plays a significant part in controlling the massesand some would say as an institution it is a greater influence on society than religon, politics and the family (nature over nurture). The supposed subtle dominance with which the media control the masses is also known as hegemonic control.

Hegemony- was an ideological concept first introduced by italian Marxist Antonio Gramsci. He believed that the media message could perform a subtle indoctrination, influencing the manner in which society viewed the world until the message becomes 'common sense', unchallenged by the masses. Hegemonic contol is acceptance of the 'status quo'.


The amount of coverage football gets in the media (espicially compared to other sports) suggests that people should like it. During the world cup we are encouraged to get behind and support our country.

Lifestyle shows / magazines make it seem normal to own high-end appliances and therefore support the captilist economic system.

Micheal Moore's documentary Farenheit 9/11 can be seen as counter hegemonic as it questioned the Bush administration, an administration that was supposdly elected by the majority of U.S voters.