Friday, 8 October 2010

generic codes

Generic conventions
- Items of Mise en scene such as rings, bangles and necklaces/ expensive jewellery are all generic for an R&B/Hip-Hop video
- Clothing will range from stereotypical attire for the main grime artist, his spouse and other minute characters in the video in order to fit into the conventions of the genre appropriately and aim at our main target audience well. However the costumes will also have a sense of casualness to them, that can illustrate a less intimidating and more sophisticated/ laid back feeling to the performers and the video on a whole, which will be useful to subverting the conventions because of the romantic tone that the video will possess.
- Dark colours are often used to portray negative feelings of the artist (through the grime genre and somewhat stereotypical portrayal of artist from a Marxist perspective)
- Bright and vibrant colours however will also be used to show the artists positive feelings, which will connote well towards the song as it is meant to be positive and uplifting, and therefore also subversive to the genre.
- R&B video's tend to be performance and narrative based
Generic codes of R&B/ Hip-Hop
Technical codes
- Many two shots can be used to show the two people (Boy and Girl) together (highlights romanticism that couple share).
- Tracking shots and performance shots of the artist towards their "lover" in the video is also generic and will convey their relationship to higher gravity, virtue and significance.
Symbolic codes
- Interactions with the other model who is playing the part of the lover such as; touching, holding, deep stares into their eyes and a common generic symbolic code is when a male/female holds their partners chin and gazes into their eyes as an example

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