Wednesday, 29 September 2010

production skills

Camera techniques

  • Framing:- where people, props etc. are placed within the frame (the composition)

  • Angles:- high angle / birds eye view (filmed from above)

  • Aerial shot (filmed from a helicopter)

  • Low angle/ worms eye view (filmed from blow)

  • Movement- pan/ panning (camera moves on pivot lef, right)

  • Tilt - camera moves up or down on its pivot (pan up/ down)

  • Track / tracking shot -(camera attached to moving object to follow the action)

  • Zoom - camera moves in on an object / moves out from the object

  • Short take- shot lasts for a short time

  • long take -camera lingers on the frame

Editing: cutting and splicing the footag to create the finished text.

Editing techniques

  • Quick cuts:- shot moves rapidly from one frame / shot to the next

  • fade:- one shot fades away to black and the next shot fades in

  • Dissolve:- one shot fades out as the next shot simultanously fades in

  • Wipe:- a shot is literally wipped off the screen by another

  • Slow motion:- a sequence is slowed down

  • Fast motion:- a sequence is sped up

  • Stop motion:- a series of still shots or drawings etc. are taken with a still camera and mixed into a moving image programme to create a digital animation sequence

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