Thursday, 30 September 2010

aboutartist wretch 32

Wretch 32
Wretch 32 (real name Jermaine Scott) is a grime MC and rapper from Tottenham, North London. He was a member of the grime collective "Combination Chain Gang", before forming The Movement with Scorcher, Ghetto, Devlin and Lightning. Despite his claims to be a grime MC, Wretch has faced frequent criticism from dedicated grime fans, who accuse him of making "bait" hip-hop which he attempts to pass off as grime music. This is due to his tendency to spit over hip-hop sounding beats. He is also often associated with the TMT crew, also from Tottenham, due to his close relationship to fellow Tottenham rapper Cell 22. The pair have made several songs together.
After years of endeavour, Wretch 32 is now recognized as one of the leading urban artists that the UK has to offer. In 2009, he performed in every city in the country and to date his music catalogue has independently sold over 15,000 units. Already this year, Wretch 32 has been honoured with the Best Hip Hop award at OMA (Official Mixtape Awards) and he now plans to expand his profile and clothing line Wretchroboys.

Wretch 32 is heavily supported by radio stations such as BBC 1Xtra, Kiss FM and Choice FM. He has even won an award from BBC 1Xtra to acknowledge his high volume of radio play. His renowned word play has made him a firm favourite amongst DJs and captured the heart of audiences not only in the UK but across Europe. In fact, despite never being signed Wretch 32 has performed in venues which include The Indigo O2, The BBC Big Weekender and the Hip Hop Kemp Festival in Czech Republic.

Wretch 32 already has a popular twitter with over 10,000 followers, a blog and now launches his new website with a free mixtape. He is currently working on his new album Black and White which is due for release later this year.

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