Thursday, 30 September 2010

music tv channels

Research into a Music TV channel which may distribute my product
MTV Base
Is owned by MTV Network Company and launched in 1999 in the UK. Mostly shows music videos from the genres Hip Hop, RnB, Grime, reggae and Soul. MTV Base is available in the United Kingdom, France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Switzerland, the Republic of Ireland, Kenya and South Africa. The channel was previously available in the Netherlands, Germany and other European countries but was replaced by MTV Dance in some territories from March 2009.

This is a music channel owned by Box television channel, launched in 1998. The music channel predominantly plays music from RnB, Dance and Hip Hop. The television channel was created by Guy Wingate who was the original creator of the kiss 100 radio station.
Daily Programming
• Deaf Jams - Music videos with sign language.
• Fresh Kiss Cuts - The newest urban music of the moment.
• Friday Night Garage - Non-stop new and old garage tunes.
• Good Morning Kiss! - New and old urban music videos to start the day.
• Kissalicious - The very best classic and modern urban tracks.
• Kiss Party Flavas - Non-stop urban party music.
• Kisstory: Rewind Thru The Years - Non-stop classic urban music videos.
• Kiss Urban Hitlist - The biggest urban music videos.
• Late Night Jamz - Urban music videos.
• Masterclass - One artist’s entire music history with facts and album statistics.

A music channel, which has recently changed its name in the Uk from TMF to Viva. It also shows entertainment programmes. It is famous for showing uk top 40 every week. In the Uk the channel was launched in 2009. They show music videos of all genres especially pop, rnb and Hip Hop videos. The channel is available on freeview channels in the UK and originally the channel came from germany where it was launched in 1993.

A music channel which is limited to the uk and some Ireland digital TV providers. It is owned by Box Television Company, who also own channel 4 in the Uk. The channel is free to own as it is shown on freeview television. The music shown on the channel is predominantly Hip Hop, pop, Dance, RnB and rock. They are a relatively new channel having only been launched in 2008. There slogan is “music and more”, and there sister channels are 4 channel, E4, more 4 and film 4.

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