Sunday, 11 July 2010

britney spears- toxic

Feminist reading:

  • Confirms female stereotypes. women are being represnted as inferior in the britneys spears music video. This is mostly because of degreading clothing they are wearing which feminist would argue does not positively represent the female gender.

  • capitalises on Britneys sexuality to make larger profits. Britney has been made to wear provacative clothing, for example in one scene she is almost naked apart from the diamond full body tights. This feminist argue is stereotypical of females as they are being made to wear clothing which is targeted to pleasing the male gender. Some would argue britney does not mind as she is making large sums of money.

  • Provactive- inappropriate for youger audiences. The music video is targeted at younger ages, like almost all of britneys songs. Feminists would argue that this video is not sending the right messages to the younger audiences who are admirers of britney spears and may want to follow in her footsteps. Britney is also it can be argued a style icon whos clothing will be worn by fans, the clothing she is wearing in this video, feminist would argue is not suitable for younger ages or anyone as it is degrading to the female gender.

  • Chameleon effect has to use her image rather than talent. Britney spears is constantly changing her clothing. This may in feminist eyes show he insecurity with herself making her more reliant on her image than talent. Feminist would prefer for female artists to like males artist rely on there talent and therefore be seen as equals in the music industry.

  • Britney is deamining herself (sex sells).

  • I could be argued she is being pressured to reveal her body.

  • represenation of male on plane is more realistic.

Post-feminist reading:

  • they would argue it is a good video:

  • she is in control, dominating men. Post-feminist would say that Britney is using her sexuality to her benefit and is constantly in control. An example being in the toiet scene where she is kissing the male as a distraction, to take his wallet.superiorty is shown in a scene on the aeroplane were all the males on there seats are nodding there heads as though they are under her spell. Post-feminist would argue that Britney is embracing her sexuality and has the right to.

  • Breaks stereotypes, men are not dominant in video. There are many scened were Britney is shown as the more dominant. This is exemplified in the motorbike scene in which a male is half-naked on motorbike, here it would be argued by post-feminist that there is a "female gaze"and women are seeking pleasure from the male.

  • She is aggressive/strong: pushing and pulling of men. This goes against the stereotype that men are the more dominant and that females are not strong.

  • She conveys female power (sexual empowerment).

  • She is subverting the subvervient role of air hostess. Air hostesses are normally represented as people who obey they orders, which Britney Spears is not doing even though she is acting as air hostess. A example being, her kissing other males while at work and spilling drinks over passengers. This Post feminist would argue shows that females have moved on from their stereotypical representations that they can now mock them.

  • dominatrix dress, post feminist would argue is a way of females embracing their sexuality. Also the fact that Britney spears is also playing a super-herione represents her as powerful and independent.

  • Post feminist may also argue the chameleon effect is empowering and that Britney is excercising her right towear whatever she feels like.

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