Wednesday, 23 June 2010

research and planning

  • genre is categorisation into groups.

  • examples of genre are Hip Hop, rock , pop, dance.
  • there are also Hybrid music genres; examples are grime which is a combination of rap and garage.
  • there are also sub genres of some music genres: House, techno ,garage, funkyhouse.
  • generic codes: are symbols or objects associated associated with a genre. Some items are not unique to a genre.
  • Examples of generic conventions: Indie/rock bands playing instruments or perfromance videos. Some conventions are not followed.
  • Genre helps audiences identify music they may like. It also allows audiences to know what to expect.
  • drawbacks of genre: overreliance on stereotypes. Music produced is very typical, formulaic. Fans can also become upset if a artist changes genre to become more mainstream.
  • "genre is in a constant state of flux" Steve Niel
  • Hybrids can reach a much wider audience,
  • Genre relies on both repetition and variation.

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