Tuesday, 1 March 2011

History of a Music artist

Michael Jackson
This music artist began with making music with his brothers, they were known as Jackson 5. The music video's they made were not high budget and mostly based on them just singng. Even so, they managed to achieve relative success for a group that was not heavily acked by its record label. It was with the Jackson 5 that Micheal Jackson talent as a solo artist was discovered. This lead to Micheal Jackson releasing his first solo album. The music videos made in his new album had a moderate budget, despite this his album and muic videos achieved high success and are still played in modern times showing there timelessness.
Later on Micheal Jackson's career he became extremly famous and was begining to be known as the "king of pop". This lead to his recod label heavily supporting his next album, the well known "THRILLER". In this album he had classic hits such as "Billie Jean" and "THRILLER". Michael Jacksons album thriller was and still is the highest selling album ever, selling in excess of 110 million copies so far. This album and its high cost of production at the time established Michael Jackson as one of the most successful artist of all time. In this album Micheal Jackson also showed off his performance and dancing skills. This made Micheal Jackson also be well Known for his performing abilities and not just vocal talent.
After Thriller, Bad and many more Micheal Jackson showed a more different side of his in his Dangerous album. In this album many of his songs concentrated morre on Jacksons singing than dancing and performing skills. This album was to be one of his last and although it was not one of his most successful albums it still achieved a lot of success when compared to other music artists at the time.

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