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Evaluation Question 1: In what ways does your media product use, devolp or challenge forms or conventions of real media products?

Similar Conventions

  • we used black and white effect to signify the scene we are showing is a flashback, this is used in other music videos for the same purposes. The black and white effect can be helpful as it is something that audiences are familiar with making it easier for audiences to follow our music video. An example, of a music video in the charts which belongs to the grime genre and makes use of black and white for flashbacks is Tinie Tempahs music video for invincible. This music video uses black and white to show all the key things that Tinie tempah has done throughout 2010.
  • the costume we used in most scenes was similar to that of grime and Hip Hop artists. For example, we made the artist wear a chain, baseball cap and sports wear clothing in many scenes. This shows audience that the song we are making belongs to the grime genre. As our song has parts which are RnB we also tried to make our artist wear a costume that is conventionally seen in RnB music videos. Some examples of how we did this in our music video was shown in the performance scenes were both our artists are wearing smart clothes such as a shirt and jumper.
  • We did some filming in an urban area which we thought would be suitable as it is a style of location conventionally seen in grime music videos. Also some audiences from urban areas may identify with the artist if he is in a urban area, as the artist will seem more down to earth. For example, in Devlin's grime music video for the song runaway we see the artist in more urban locations. This has the effect of making the artist look down to earth and easy to relate with for those who may come from similar backgrounds.
  • One of the themes we used in the music video is a love triangle. This is a theme most conventionally seen in RnB music videos, as our video is Grime/RnB we felt it was important to portray the RnB side of our music video aswell as the grime genre. One of the ways we did this was through the theme and sub plot of the love triangle scene in our music video. However, the love triangle scene is not very long and not the main plot of our music video so we were aware we had to do more to make our music video seem more like an RnB music video.
  • Another theme which we used in our music video which is also conventional narrative of RnB music videos. The conventional narrative we used is the main performer and his girlfriend breaking up, and the main performer trying to win her back. This type of narrative is conventionally seen in RnB music videos so we decided to make it the main plot of our music video.
  • We represnted our main artist as dominant in the music video, this is shown by the fact that the female he is with being passive compared to the main artist. this is conventionally seen in Hip Hop music videos, in music videos from this genre we normally see the more dominant character being played by the male. Feminist would say that this is how females are stereotypically represnted in music videos.
  • Some of the props we used are conventionally seen in the grime genre such as a microphone, chain, earing and baseball cap. These props will almost always be seen in a grime music video so for us to use them clearly states to some audiences that we are making a music video which is mostly of the grime genre. Props such as the ones we used are one of the main conventional features of the grime genre which is a sub genre of the Hip Hop genre.
  • In our music video there is positive conclusion, as the couple are back together. This happy ending is conventionally seen in RnB music videos as we normally see the couple getting together in the end. this is another convention of the RnB genre that we used. An example of a music video from the RnB genre ending with the couple together is Bow wow and Omarion's music video called "Let me hold you". In this music video we see the couple get back together at the end even though they had difficulties in their relationship earlier on in the music video.

Devolped conventions

  • Including a narrative in a genre that is predominantly performanced based. We felt as though it was important to use a narrative in our music video because it may be dull to some audiences if we only made our music video performance based. In the grime genre the music videos are predominantly performance videos, so for our group to base our music video around both performance and narrative is a way in which we devolped the conventions in our genre.
  • Our music video is a hybrid genre of the RnB and grime genre. The grime genre normally appeals to a niche genre which is predominately made up of young males who are also interested in Hip Hop. The fact that the grime genre is a sub genre of Hip Hop means that the two genres share many conventions such as costume and props that are similar. However, as our music video is also partly RnB,our music video also appeals to a mainstream audience as RnB music videos have a universal appeal. This is not the case with the grime genre as it is more likely to appeal a UK based audience as the genre grime is not well known outside the UK.
  • The main influences for our music video is modern grime and RnB music videos, as there has been an increase in the production of these types of music videos. This has been done by many grime producers in order to make them appeal to a more mainstream audience, as many grime music videos find it difficult to appeal to mainstream audience. Examples, of grime artists that have worked with RnB artist to become more mainstream are Chipmunk and Tinchy Stryder. We thought that a combination of the genres would be a good choice for us as it is two genres we know very well.

Challenged the conventions

  • By the couple splitting up/ staying together. In our music video the male performer is trying to win back his girlfriend. This means that in some scenes in the music video the female is more powerful and dominant in the relationship. In the grime genre we do not conventionally see this representation of females. This was important for our group as we are trying to make our music video appeal to female audiences in addition to male audiences.By making our music video appeal to both genders it is more likely that our music video will attract a mainstream audience.

  • Through the use of inter-textual reference we have challenged the conventions of both the grime and RnB genre. These genres do not normally have intertextual references so for us to use them in a RnB/grime music video shows that we have tried to an extent distance ourself from stereotypical music videos. In music videos of this genre it is not conventional to have intertextual reference. we used intertextual reference for one main reason, this was to make our music video different and stand out. The intertextual reference will make our music video stand out as the artist is using cards to emphasis what he is saying, this is very different way of artists communicating with audiences. The intertextual reference we used was from the artist Common whos music video is called Come close.
  • We tried to challenge the conventions of the grime genre was by making our artist not act so "macho" and powerful. this gives our artist a representation which is challenging that of the grime genre. We decided to represent our artist in such a way so that we could make our music video different and not so cliche. In grime music videos it is conventional for the artist to be represnted as powerful and very manly, whereas in our music video we tried to not represent our artist like this all the time. This was important for us as the subverted represntation of males means that our music video is more appealing to females whilist at the same time not neglecting our male audience.
  • A further way in which we challenged the conventions of our genre was by the way we made our artist perform the lyrics. In our music videos we made the artist perform the lyrics of the song to the main girl in the video. This made it seem as though the artist is talking to the girl through the lyrics. This is not conventionally how grime artists perform in grime music videos. this is not the case with all music videos as the lyrics of the song do not let you perform them as though you are apeaking to someone.
  • The use of many locations in our music video challenges the conventions of the grime genre. In the grime genre the music videos do not use many locations as the emphasis is more on the lyrics and performance. An example, of a grime music video which does not use many locations is Tinchy Stryders music video "Take me back" in which there is only one location. In our msuic video we decided to use many locations so that our music video would look more professional and entertaining. The reason as to why we subverted some of the conventions of the grime genre was that we wanted to make our music video more original.
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